outlineThere is a spectacularly high failure rate in the direct selling industry. The most common reason is that people give up too soon.

From my experience I have found one or more of the following happens:-

1.  A state of overwhelm once the initial excitement has worn off
2.  Failure to keep the lines of communication open
3.  Fear kicks in – of failure or success – I see both
4.  Negative mindset i.e “I can’t recruit”
5.  Failure to follow training
6.  Laziness
7. Procrastination
8.  Listening to naysayers
9. Jump into something ‘easier’ {It rarely is}
10. Rush off and do it their own way, failing to follow a trusted system

Are some of you nodding your heads and saying ‘yep, happened to me’

The personal attribute that I see most in successful people is rock solid determination. Determination will carry you beyond lack of experience. It will propel you into success and  fast. It becomes a tangible force to be reckoned with. No matter what happens or doesn’t happen you will not be phased, you will keep going. You will refuse to take a detour from your target.

To develop determination, you have to work out your ‘why‘ what motivated you to be a part of the industry? Financial freedom, recognition or lifestyle freedom? Whatever it is, you have to continually remind yourself of your ‘why‘.

When you are having doubts or going through any one of the ten negative responses, your ‘why’ can stop you running and anchor you back into the reality of taking action and staying consistent.

Be determined…

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

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