I need somebody! Anybody!

Do you want anybody?If you owned a restaurant and you needed staff, would you let people walk in off the street and start serving in your restaurant?

How long do you think your business would survive? Of course, normally, you would interview staff to assess suitability for the job. Why then do so many sign people into their network marketing business without any form of an interview?

This is something that I have only recently realised. During a pre-launch for a new business, I started to build a team. What followed next was a vertical learning curve. Some disconnected from the process, ignoring all contact. Some stood about feebly saying they didn’t know what to do but ignoring group training and my offers of mentoring.  A few were fantastic, taking responsibility for their learning, connecting to me daily and building our relationship.

After a couple of weeks when I genuinely thought my head might explode, I took a day off to consider a solution.

I came back and asked my team outright if they were with me or if they were not.  Some opted out and that was fine.  No point wasting each others time.

Now, when I am talking to someone interested in my business, I take more time to assess personality, attitude and communication skills. I also want to know what someones dreams are. Do they want a few hundred dollars or have they got the drive for a six figure income? Is it a lifestyle change that they want? What motivates them? What are their fears?

Personally, I also prefer to work with people who have a sense of humour. I see fun and playfulness in most situations but not everyone gets that and I find it almost impossible to work with  people that have no sense of humour at all.

I think that work should be fun. Otherwise it’s just work isn’t it? If you find a cohesive team, it will feel like extended family. It is better to have a couple of committed team members that you can work with , than several dozen that you can’t.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …


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