Friend Requests

facebook imageWhen I get a friend request, I consider several things before I hit confirm:-

1. Have we interacted in a group or on another friends posts …………
If we have been on a thread together before and posted, we will see that maybe we have similar mindsets or opinions. We may have laughed together already.

2. Have we spoken by PM to see if we get along ………
A lot of people don’t do this but it is good practice to ask someone first before you add them. The response you get back could determine if you are going to get along or not.

3. I look at your timeline………..
If your timeline is all photos of cash or links to your business, we won’t get along. I like to connect with people who provide value. That value may be things that help others, photos or quotes that touch me or make me smile or laugh, pictures of you having fun, your family, your animals and your life. I want to see that you are a real person, not just fixated on hitting up for business.

The other thing I look for on timelines is whether you have responded to people who have posted on your wall thanking you for connecting. If you haven’t…… rude…… it’s not going to work for you and me. I am a communicator and like to have mutually rewarding and respectful connections. If I say hi to you and you don’t say hi back, where is that relationship going do you think?

Think of Facebook as a new club where you have come to find like-minded people. You really do not want to be associated with all and sundry. Choose your friends carefully. Look for mentors, people you aspire to and can learn from. Find people already in your business and check that they are providing value on their timeline. Novice Facebook marketers worry about being in competition with people in their business but that is a narrow-minded way of looking at it. This can be a powerful move to find people who are open to working with you on some Facebook strategies to raise your profile. I will be writing more on these sorts of  Facebook strategies at another time.

These are not rules but they are strategies that are working extremely well for me. I value my time and my energy so I choose my friends carefully. Surround yourself with positive, open-minded helpful people and you will be astounded at what a difference that can make to your interactions on Facebook and also with your business.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

2 thoughts on “Friend Requests

  1. This is awesome advice. Not only that, but it made me take a look at my newsfeed to see if I AM providing stimulation and help to others. I am… now. But I do see a period in my newsfeed (probably when I very first joined with my company back in March) where it was all about posting ads to further my business.


    • Well done for stepping back and assessing your timeline. The success model always requires that we regularly stand back and look at what we are doing. Is it working? Could I do better?

      I am sure that I will see you having outstanding success Pam


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