The leap of Faith

Take the leap of faith

Take the leap of faith

Often, in network marketing, we have little to go on but a leap of faith. But what does that really mean? Does it signify a blind jump into the darkness, or bounding joyously into the light? Does it represent a rejection of fear or denote a random act of frivolousness?

This week, as I watched a team member taking a leap of faith, I became aware of the energy that it sets in motion, once a decision has been made and acted upon.

When you make the decision to do something outside the parameters of your comfort zone, it creates a slipstream. When you swathe through the spiky, edgy fear with your swinging sword, you carve out an intent into the fabric of the universe. It hears you. It sits up and takes notice. It has no choice. It has to do your bidding.

When you position your intent on the wings of your leap of faith, you literally sculpture a pathway. It may not lead you directly to success. After all, you may have stop offs, you know, for eating humble pie, picking up crumbs of knowledge and fighting off your raging hunger. That is all part of the journey. But, if you hang on to the coat tails of the leap of faith, gripping with a fierceness that would keep you from falling off a cliff, then the leap of faith will be your best friend. It will be the cramp ons as you maneuver up the cliff face and the arms that cradle you when you occasionally wonder if it is all worth it.

You have set forth in motion a force that cannot be stopped – unless, of course, you choose to stop it and allow fear to  fold its sticky, black wings around you instead.

Trust. Have faith. Take that leap. Get behind it and feel the magnetic force as it pulls you forward. Express gratitude when you see the results, because you will….  and never look back. Fear will always be following you like a skinny, hungry wolf, pleading with you for scraps of your self-esteem and confidence. Ignore it for it plays with you. It is the demons of your mind. It has no place in your future.

Run, jump and leap…. your future success  is waiting

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

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