In the last twenty-four hours I have had a huge lesson in leadership. Or at least one aspect of it anyhow. After months of exhausting hard work, days loaded with expectation and hope, I had built my own team for a new business launch. We all had high expectations and were looking forward to seeing the results of our work.

LeadershipI won’t go into the details but overnight our hopes were dashed. What we believed wasn’t so, what we were told was not true. When I first found this out, my heart dropped like a stone, down to my boots. How was I going to tell my team, what was I going to say? I just knew the crushing disappointment that they were going to feel. How? Because I felt it to. I hurt. I hurt for me and I hurt for my team. They trusted me. They put their faith in me and even though it ‘isn’t my fault‘ that didn’t mean I could walk away. You don’t turn away from your family when they are hurting do you?

So, I hit it head on and braced myself for the fall out. I listened and talked and talked some more. Then I went to bed and slept on it.

The next morning, I awoke feeling like someone had given me a protective shield of fortitude and emotional strength. I got up out of bed, grabbed that shield, picked up my sword of integrity and truth and walked down the stairs thinking, ‘Right, this is not going to defeat me. Now let’s battle this out for solutions‘. I felt strong and purposeful. One way or another I was not going to let this beat me. I would stand right by my team and do whatever was necessary to help them to a better future. For some the future is not with this company. But I have other companies that are working well and I will ease some of them into that, helping them as much as I can to pull back the money they had lost and then go on to make a lot more. I will help them to see that this isn’t the end. Indeed, armed with some spectacularly important learning, it is just the beginning.

My learning on this aspect of leadership is this:-

When the s*** hits the fan, a true leader asks him or herself “What can I do to help my team through this!” and then sets out to find positive solutions. A none leader says “I give up” and goes into hiding.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

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