Realistic Ambition

Sail into your SuccessSome people sail into their first company. They pick the right one and propel themselves into success with hardly a backward glance.

They are the minority……

In Buddhism they say ‘All life is about suffering’. As negative as that sounds, it isn’t. What it means is that to expect our human lives to be without pain is perhaps delusional. Look forward with a positive attitude and a open heart, but don’t fall wailing on the floor when things go wrong.

Network marketing is a tough cookie to break. That’s why so many give up. You need emotional strength. You need a coping strategy for the down times. You need to have the sense to walk away for a minute to recalibrate. Sometimes, you need the strength to walk away for good.

Be prepared for a tough, rollercoaster ride. Be aware that it may not be easy. Keep pushing against that thick wall of resistance. Keep pushing, keep your dream and your faith in your ability to get to the other side.

Eventually, that wall becomes smaller. Brick by brick, your persistence knocks it down. When it is nothing but a pile of rubble, you will be a stronger person. You will have developed the resilience needed to become one of the ‘lucky’ 3% that do make it 

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

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