Become a FacilitatorI have learned something truly valuable quite recently and I personally believe that it can impact any business quite dramatically.

It is this……..

We all think that we have to recruit hard, we have to sell, we have to persuade people into our business.

You don’t…..

Think of yourself more as a facilitator, a person that sets up a situation that can help another person to get to be where they want, to do what they want or have what they want. You can facilitate people towards greater confidence, self belief or indeed anything that helps them to create the mental shift that is needed for success.

The entire process of ‘recruiting’ is no longer an issue. On a weekly basis, I am bringing 2 – 6 people into one or more of my own businesses. I don’t even think about it as recruiting, more like positioning people in a place that is right for them.

I believe that to succeed in this business you have to have two things in place:-

1. The right mindset
2.The ability to be flexible in that mindset so that you can adapt in a heartbeat

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

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