Getting people to your business

Traffic leads to salesOne absolute essential for any online business is traffic. You have to get your opportunity in front of people one way or another. I use a lead generation system that has quality, high opt in capture pages done for you. In fact they do have some generic sales funnels for a wide range of companies.

Once you have a capture page, you then have to drive traffic to it. If you send traffic to your corporate site, you will never know who these people are or get a chance to communicate with them. That is the reason for a good capture page. If you haven’t set this up yet, please do view my team build page for details.

There are lots of ways to drive traffic but one paid source is solo ads. A solo ad vendor is simply someone who has access to a large list of people who have opted in for details of a business opportunity. They will send out your email copy and link to their list. If you find a good vendor, you can anticipate anywhere from a 30-50% opt in to your capture page. Then these people will be linked in to your auto-responders.

Finding a good solo ad vendor can be a minefield. How do you know they are going to do the job and not take your money? How can you find out if the results they say they will get you are true? Well here it is. Do a search for solo ads on Facebook and you will find various groups.

Ask your solo ad vendor to create your campaign on a Tuesday or Thursday. Split testing shows that these two days produce the best response.
… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

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