You can do it!

recruitingToday I want to talk about the issues you might be having in referring people to your business. This is a huge area of concern for an extraordinary amount of people and it truly does not need to be a problem for you.

I have been recruiting for a business that I joined last week, a solid, established company that I am very happy to be a part of. In a week, I have recruited seven people so far and have been working with some of them to debunk the mystery of how to recruit. Though the business can be 100% passive, there are extra benefits to sharing the business.

First of all, there is the problem. That word ‘RECRUIT’ seems to send shivers down your spine doesn’t it? Go on, admit it 🙂 You don’t want to do it, do you? You are scared right? ‘How about if someone says no, or they ask me questions’ you say, ‘I won’t know how to handle it’ I see people go into a total brain freeze on this subject.

So, let’s clear up a bit of a misnomer you may have about recruiting. You are not actually fearful of recruiting, you are fearful of people saying NO!!!!

I am qualified in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and NLP. Part of the process  of these therapies is to challenge our own thoughts, emotions and feelings and look behind what is driving them. How about these three?

1. I will feel rejected
2. They won’t like me
3. They may ridicule me

1. My background is in direct sales, so I know from experience that you will get a lot of no’s before you get a yes. That is a fact. People ARE going to say NO to you. But, some will say yes. Expecting everyone to say yes is not realistic.

2. Maybe they won’t, maybe they will but whichever it is, is their issue not yours.

3. Many people do not understand online businesses. They will throw cautionary tales of ponzi or pyramid schemes and scams at you and warn you to be careful. Many people have no idea what a ponzi or pyramid scheme actually is, or they may do some research on the Internet and find bad press about your company. Tell them to search for any online company and put the word ‘scam‘ in the search. 90% of more will come back with bad press but often these online keyboard warriors just get a kick out of bad mouthing companies. Ignore these warnings and do your own research by talking to people already in the company.


Get yourself a book called ‘Brilliant NLP’ by David Molden and Pat Hutchinson. This process can help you to change your thinking which will ultimately change your behaviour.


Here’s the real secret to bringing people into your business ……………..

This is so easy that people simply can’t believe it.

The real secret is to genuinely care about people and believe 100% in the company you are promoting. It also helps to know as much about the business and the opportunity as you can.

You need to believe with all of your heart that you ARE helping your friends to a better life.

I believe in the business I have been sharing. I know that it will help a lot of my friends out of financial hardship. It is an 8-year-old company with a solid reputation and ethics.

Several of my friends said no to me at first. Quite often people say no to us because they do not understand, or do not fully appreciate the benefits. So it is our job to explain properly so that they do understand and thus make an informed decision. Calling them up and saying ‘this is brilliant, you gotta get in on this’ generally won’t work. But, conversely, don’t overload them with information. Provide snippets and allow them to ask questions. They will learn more this way.

Don’t accept no as the final answer. One of my friends reversed his ‘no’ when I simply said that I respected her decision but that I didn’t want her to miss out. Just like that 🙂

Recruiting people into your business does not have to be difficult. Share your experiences, your successes and your results and don’t attach a huge amount of emotional resources into the process. People either will or won’t join you. But, if you keep going, I guarantee that you will succeed in this area of skill.


…Positive Mentoring by Jan…


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