About Jan

Getting a hand up the cliffI have pretty much always been a positive person. I tend to believe that things will come right if I find the right solutions, ask the right questions and trust my intuition.

I have been self-employed since 1995 performing a wide variety of roles over the years. My background is in direct sales but I started my working life as a policewoman! In my years of self employment I have been a dog groomer, animal healer, Reiki Teacher and a web designer and am a qualified coach plus NLP and CBT, Stress management and Relaxation. I still write and sell holistic online distance learning courses.  My life has been a continual search for the missing thing that fills me with a passion to do it. My  fiance and I also organise dog sporting events.

I loved being in sales, though I never enjoyed being employed 😦 I loved building relationships with my customers. The banter was great and the loyalty and trust that came from nurturing these relationships was awesome. When I left sales, many of my customers refused to buy from the companies I was with. Some of my customers openly told me that they bought from me and would not deal with anyone else.

But, strangely, I had forgotten that building relationships was 100% the key to success. I had forgotten that I once had these skills.

I discovered network marketing in the mid nineties. I can’t remember the name of the company, but I was promoting a drink called Intra and a range of healthy cookies. I felt fantastic on the product and sold ten bottles in my first week. But no one else felt as good as I did and I got no repeat orders. No one wanted to talk to me about the business and eventually I quit. Other things followed. Let’s see if I can remember. Video email, Herbalife, Body Shop, Avon, Neals Yard Remedies, Forever Living and quite a lot of other random companies. They all had one thing in common, I failed at every single one.

In one of the companies, my sponsor used to call me up and yell ‘Get four get four’ but she never told me how. I was lost. I could see other members of the team smashing it, and I felt a total failure. Seeing others succeeding when you just don’t get it is highly demoralising.

So, fast forward a bit.

I went on a path of learning in 2013. There was a lot of stuff I could have done without i.e how to avoid homeless and find five months rent from a bank of zero. Coping with a partner that was stressed to the point of hopelessness and worrying about an unexpected bill coming in was not pleasant at all. Oh, and going through the menopause at the same time. Oh joy!

Everything was going wrong. My fiances car got written off, only months after his other car blew up.  We had no cash. He then bought another car that created some financial issues in the first month. Then, at one point early in 2014 we thought we had lost everything. I won’t go into details, but it was the worst hour of my life. I genuinely thought I was going to have a heart attack. I faced homelessness in the face and sat in the car shivering with fear. How was I going to get through this if the worst happened.

It didn’t happen…..

But, that moment was a pivotal point. I arose from that fear like a Greek God. It was as if every ounce of determination, passion and hope rose up from within and said ‘LET ME OUT GODDAM YOU’

So, I did 😉

From that exact moment on I set my intention. I said out loud ‘I am NEVER EVER going back to that place again‘ and I meant it.

I started seriously researching how expert network marketers succeeded. I made connections with the big guys of the industry and sought out their mentoring, read their posts and studied how they engaged people. I read books, watched videos and listened to audio none stop. I worked 12 – 16 hour days and I refused to be distracted. Yes, I became a hermit.

Slowly but surely, I began to see results. Then it started to speed up a bit. Suddenly, people were addressing me as a leader, asking my advice. My Facebook inbox was hot. I started up groups and people joined and I can tell you that it felt great. These results showed me that my hard work was paying off.

So, my struggles led me to create this blog and Facebook page. My focus now is on helping others to learn how to create their own brand, sign people up and build and keep a team.

I am a bit of a serial entrepreneur and have several income streams, all paying well. I got caught out with one scam and even though I didn’t lose my money, I vowed never to put my eggs all in one basket.

If you are reading this… thank you. Stay with me and I promise that I will do all I can to get you to at least the point I am now. I have a long way to go but I am positioned now and will walk with you all the way to get you there to.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

3 thoughts on “About Jan

  1. You are a true inspiration Jan. It is a pleasure to have met and be working with you. I look forward to a wild journey through this internet wilderness with my wonderful mentor and new friend. Deb x

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