Mission Possible

missionpossible1It is extremely hard to make a success of anything on your own. We all need like-minded companionship and support. For those times when you genuinely wonder if you are walking up the right trail, there is nothing better than to talk to a friend or colleague and just ask ‘Am I totally off track with this, or am I on to something?’ 

There is, without doubt, power in numbers. When you are part of a community, you develop a sense of strength, balance and unwavering belief that the group project is absolutely achievable. Collective consciousness can move mountains or, at the very least, shift those stubborn obstacles that may just be a tiny blip in your mindset, maybe a snippet of negativity that prevents you from fully achieving your potential. With a community behind you, those deep-rooted fears can be put to sleep and you can start to unfold your wings to drive you towards the things in life that you want more than anything else.

You have to believe! You have to, otherwise what will happen? You will, over time, become jaded by life. You will start growing the shell of cynicism that mutes all the colours of your life. Reach that point and you lose the passion that is ultimately the fuel that keeps you going. Supercharge with rocket fuel not something that you would put in the garden mower!

There is nothing that inflames your energy more than taking a risk. Simply look at the pioneers of our world. One thing always stands out – they take the risks that others are too fearful to take. Susan Jeffers wrote a popular and well-known book called ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ and that is the one sentence that would serve to be imprinted on your brain. Look, none of know how long we will live on this mortal earth. We cannot assume that we will make it to our 80’s or 90’s so why not live for today, embrace that sticky old fear and tell it to ‘do one’. I promise you, if you can reach down to your socks and pull yourself up to overcome self-doubt, you will feel more alive than you can possibly imagine.

Stand out, stand up, be different, be brave. reach out to me and ask me how you can earn $500.00 over and over again. Ask me how you can change your life for the better how you can give your family the life you have always dreamed off.

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