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Getting a hand up the cliffDo we need a supportive sponsor, or not? I have been involved in a few discussions lately and this is my view.

Human beings, we are a mass of insecurities. Shielded by our persona and powered by our ego, we battle our way through life doing the best that we can. If your ego is strong enough, you can, no doubt, thrust through the niggling doubts and bound your way to success.

But, how about if your ego is fragile? What if your insecurities have grabbed hold of you, dragged you to a cliff edge and has you teetering on the edge, looking down at a 250 feet drop? What happens then? Who talks you down?

In the story, our superhero would swoop down, pick you up, kiss you and carry you to safety. Hoorah!

I repeat ‘Who talks you down?’

We all know that there is a 97% failure rate in network marketing. Let’s, for a minute, consider that a high percentage of people who failed simply jumped, of merely toppled off the edge. How about that? Do you think that could be a possibility?

People fail for a reason. I truly don’t believe that 97% of them are lazy quitters. What if we could work with people’s insecurities, do you think that we could help them to grow, stop them from running? Do you believe that with some support, we could teach them to use their own wings and enable them to help another person?

I do!

I refuse to give up on anyone. Lots of people gave up on me. My own brother once told me that I was a failure! No one came to my rescue when I stood on the ledge shaking with fear, alone, uncertain if I would lie smashed up on the ground if I jumped. But I did jump.

As I leaped and started to fall, I felt my wings sprouting. They were big enough to keep me airborne and they carried me to a better place.

I don’t care that no one helped me. I needed to jump because something deep inside of me told me that I WAS strong enough.

You may not agree with my opinions but I stand true to my commitment to help others off that ledge to stand in their own circle of strength.

PS: I have a pair of blue tights and red pants in medium, if anyone wants to borrow them 🙂

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …


Your Sponsor… the truth

Work TogetherIn my past, one thing that I never considered was how well I was aligned with my sponsor. I would sign up to a business because……. what was it that made me join a business? I don’t know! I can honestly say that no one has EVER inspired me to join them. I looked at a business from the viewpoint of my interest in the products and perhaps company ethos or longevity.

I thought I was becoming more savvy when I joined a well-known business in 2013. My sponsor was earning £8000 a month so I naively thought she would be able to show me how to do the same. She interviewed me quite intensively before I joined. But, what I forgot to do was interview her.

It transpired that she was a bully, with little compassion or empathy. She phoned me almost every day. I dreaded those calls. Even the sound of her voice on the answer machine made me droop with feelings of inadequacy.

When I rescued our third dog she told me I shouldn’t have done it because I should be focused on the business. She bullied me relentlessly to try to get me to attend meetings two hours away from home, at a time when I couldn’t afford fuel for my car.

Why did I put up with this?

Well, at the time, my stress levels were high and my self-esteem low.  I started off feeling like a failure so hadn’t got too far to go before my natural confidence and assertiveness just got squashed. After conversations with her, I would feel like a limp balloon deflating quietly in the corner of the room behind the settee. She bombarded me with stories of all the other distributors that were doing well. The crashing hopelessness almost consumed me. I eventually found my strength but it was unpleasant from start to finish.

It was a valuable lesson. We are all different, but most people do not respond to bullying. It is said that 1 in 4 are lacking in self-esteem and, coupled with the staggering 97% failure rate in MLM, you truly do need someone on your side. Before you choose a sponsor, engage with them, test the waters. How do they treat you? Do they have a warm approach or are they a bit edgy? If you don’t understand something, do they put you down or grow impatient with you? Talk to several people in the same business. Do they stick around when you say you can’t afford to join this month, or want to think about it?  Or do they disappear to look for others that might join NOW?

I believe that a team starts with YOU and ME. That team is like family. It must be nurtured, protected at all times. It has to be honoured and respected from both sides. You have to learn about each other, understand how to get the best from your relationship. If you find someone who will help you to grow as a person, the business, in a way, will take care of itself.  It’s just a matter of applied strategies to make your business grow. Find the person that helps you to discover ‘you’ and I guarantee that you WILL find success in your chosen business.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …