fearIf you allow fear to enter your heart
You are living your life by rules other than your own
Fear will dominate, ridicule and dissipate
It will rob you of your dreams; tear apart your hope for a better life
Fear shrivels your heart to the size of a pea

When we take risks, our hearts beat to a bigger drum,
Pulsing us into life, with all of her dangers and rewards
Stepping into the fear, our bodies tingle with adrenaline
We feel alive

Fear, over time, shrinks our life-force
When you say, ‘I can’t’, small fragments of your soul fall away
Slipping, losing, forgetting who you really are, who you are truly meant to be
There is no power in fear
There is power in ‘Yes’
Say ‘Yes’ Be brave, be fearless, be bold.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

Watching for signs ….

butterflyA week ago, we buried my little ferret, Pumpkin. We found a beautiful box with a large, red admiral butterfly on it. Sitting in the house, ten minutes later, a red admiral butterfly flies into the lounge. Two days later, another one flies into my face in the hall. A day later another one is sitting on the hall floor. Walking the dogs this week, red admiral butterflies fly directly at me and dance around me as I ask, ‘Is that you Pumpkin?’

I have followed a deeply, spiritual path since my epic breakdown in 1995. Not a lot of people know that about me on Facebook. A big part of my journey was as an animal healer and communicator. I have helped hundreds of animals and their owners since 1995, when I began to discover my gifts as a healer.

When I was a child, dogs used to follow me home, feisty horses calmed down around me. I have had so many beautiful, surreal experiences with animals. Animals have always been my true connection to life, right from childhood when I struggled to make friends because of acute shyness and lack of social skills.

So, to me, this is a sign that Pumpkin is at peace, her playful, loving spirit dancing into my life at a time when I have been too stationary, sitting at my laptop for too long and forgetting how important it is to connect with the movement, energy and vibration of life.

The next day, after writing this article, I was cleaning a shelf, when I noticed a butterfly on the spine of an old book. I carefully lifted it off, thinking it was dead, but it started to open it’s wings and then, once it had recovered, it flew away. The picture on this post is that butterfly. How magical all of this was….

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …