Realistic Ambition

Sail into your SuccessSome people sail into their first company. They pick the right one and propel themselves into success with hardly a backward glance.

They are the minority……

In Buddhism they say ‘All life is about suffering’. As negative as that sounds, it isn’t. What it means is that to expect our human lives to be without pain is perhaps delusional. Look forward with a positive attitude and a open heart, but don’t fall wailing on the floor when things go wrong.

Network marketing is a tough cookie to break. That’s why so many give up. You need emotional strength. You need a coping strategy for the down times. You need to have the sense to walk away for a minute to recalibrate. Sometimes, you need the strength to walk away for good.

Be prepared for a tough, rollercoaster ride. Be aware that it may not be easy. Keep pushing against that thick wall of resistance. Keep pushing, keep your dream and your faith in your ability to get to the other side.

Eventually, that wall becomes smaller. Brick by brick, your persistence knocks it down. When it is nothing but a pile of rubble, you will be a stronger person. You will have developed the resilience needed to become one of the ‘lucky’ 3% that do make it 

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …


In the last twenty-four hours I have had a huge lesson in leadership. Or at least one aspect of it anyhow. After months of exhausting hard work, days loaded with expectation and hope, I had built my own team for a new business launch. We all had high expectations and were looking forward to seeing the results of our work.

LeadershipI won’t go into the details but overnight our hopes were dashed. What we believed wasn’t so, what we were told was not true. When I first found this out, my heart dropped like a stone, down to my boots. How was I going to tell my team, what was I going to say? I just knew the crushing disappointment that they were going to feel. How? Because I felt it to. I hurt. I hurt for me and I hurt for my team. They trusted me. They put their faith in me and even though it ‘isn’t my fault‘ that didn’t mean I could walk away. You don’t turn away from your family when they are hurting do you?

So, I hit it head on and braced myself for the fall out. I listened and talked and talked some more. Then I went to bed and slept on it.

The next morning, I awoke feeling like someone had given me a protective shield of fortitude and emotional strength. I got up out of bed, grabbed that shield, picked up my sword of integrity and truth and walked down the stairs thinking, ‘Right, this is not going to defeat me. Now let’s battle this out for solutions‘. I felt strong and purposeful. One way or another I was not going to let this beat me. I would stand right by my team and do whatever was necessary to help them to a better future. For some the future is not with this company. But I have other companies that are working well and I will ease some of them into that, helping them as much as I can to pull back the money they had lost and then go on to make a lot more. I will help them to see that this isn’t the end. Indeed, armed with some spectacularly important learning, it is just the beginning.

My learning on this aspect of leadership is this:-

When the s*** hits the fan, a true leader asks him or herself “What can I do to help my team through this!” and then sets out to find positive solutions. A none leader says “I give up” and goes into hiding.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

The leap of Faith

Take the leap of faith

Take the leap of faith

Often, in network marketing, we have little to go on but a leap of faith. But what does that really mean? Does it signify a blind jump into the darkness, or bounding joyously into the light? Does it represent a rejection of fear or denote a random act of frivolousness?

This week, as I watched a team member taking a leap of faith, I became aware of the energy that it sets in motion, once a decision has been made and acted upon.

When you make the decision to do something outside the parameters of your comfort zone, it creates a slipstream. When you swathe through the spiky, edgy fear with your swinging sword, you carve out an intent into the fabric of the universe. It hears you. It sits up and takes notice. It has no choice. It has to do your bidding.

When you position your intent on the wings of your leap of faith, you literally sculpture a pathway. It may not lead you directly to success. After all, you may have stop offs, you know, for eating humble pie, picking up crumbs of knowledge and fighting off your raging hunger. That is all part of the journey. But, if you hang on to the coat tails of the leap of faith, gripping with a fierceness that would keep you from falling off a cliff, then the leap of faith will be your best friend. It will be the cramp ons as you maneuver up the cliff face and the arms that cradle you when you occasionally wonder if it is all worth it.

You have set forth in motion a force that cannot be stopped – unless, of course, you choose to stop it and allow fear to  fold its sticky, black wings around you instead.

Trust. Have faith. Take that leap. Get behind it and feel the magnetic force as it pulls you forward. Express gratitude when you see the results, because you will….  and never look back. Fear will always be following you like a skinny, hungry wolf, pleading with you for scraps of your self-esteem and confidence. Ignore it for it plays with you. It is the demons of your mind. It has no place in your future.

Run, jump and leap…. your future success  is waiting

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …


AlignmentOver the years, I have been guilty of flitting from one company to the next, believing  that each one would be ‘it.’ But I never made money and I failed to recruit.

Lately, I have been asking myself why we are always searching for the next shiny thing?

I can of course only speak for myself but, hands on heart, I was chasing the money. I was desperate to have the six figure income or, indeed, any income.

But, since my epiphany in February, I have realised that it isn’t about the money. I joined a well known weight loss company last year. Most of the team I was with were successful. I bought body measurement scales and I got in front of people. But I was uncomfortable with talking to women about their weight. To be honest, I hated it. So I failed. No surprise really.

Many of us follow the money. But a better strategy is to find a company that aligns with your personality. For me, I realised that I like systems. I have a strategic mind that loves to work with things that make other things work. I thrive on problem solving.  When you find the company, product or system that aligns with the core essence of who you are, you generate a vibration into your world, attracting people to you that like that energy.

I truly believe that if you can do this, you will be successful. For instance, imagine you took up golf and you didn’t really like it. How easy would it be to persuade friends to join you for a game? But, supposing you started playing tennis and loved it, you would seek out people that loved tennis and persuade them to come have a game with you.

Business, in my opinion, is very much like that

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …


matrixDuplication in any business is guaranteed to bring you success. You will fail if you don’t have a way of working that you can teach others. This is why it is so important to learn from our mentors.

In NLP we are taught to model those that we want to replicate. I used to be incredibly shy, so I modeled the behaviour and personality of Dawn French, as I perceived her to be. She is a confident, funny lady who you could never imagine being shy or fearful. It didn’t take long for my shyness to disappear from public view and I knew I had cracked it when I did a one hour talk to 350 people and smashed it!

Copy the behaviour of successful people. Watch, listen and read. Take note of your mentors posts, watch how they interact with their friends. Then put it into place and be amazed at how it will change your business and your life.

The one proviso is to be yourself. Let your personality shine through. You want to attract people who will like your energy and who will enjoy interacting with you.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …