I trained as a Life Coach in 2004 with The Coaching Academy in London. One of the things that they impressed upon us was to find out niche. For many years, I struggled with this. What was it that I wanted to help people with? How could I best guide people’s lives? Thousands of people trained in coaching and I wouldn’t mind laying down a bet that at least 80% of them struggled with the same problem. Why? Because is isn’t a problem that coaches have, it is a human condition.

Of course, life does eventually show you where you are supposed to be and what you are supposed to be doing and with whom. But, we are living in a society that is, in my opinion, far removed from what makes us feel whole. That lack of wholeness underlines our anxiousness about life, our stress, depression, apathy and general lack of mojo. So, we become drifters. We don’t know what we want to do, or be, so we amble along, miserably, or stoically, doing the things that allow us to survive in our society, sitting behind desks, wishing our lives away hoping for the elusive lottery win, hoping for change.

I have struggled as a human being to find my purpose. I know that this is not in any way unique. I needed to experience struggle in order to develop the understanding and the empathy to help others that are struggling on their journey through life.

Many people, perhaps like you, lack motivation and purpose. I believe that the lack of motivation is driven by the lack of purpose. People that have captured their purpose are driven, focused and happy. Some are lucky and pretty much know straight off, what it is that they want to devote their lives to. But, most people drift from one thing to another hoping beyond hope that ‘this‘ is ‘IT

If this is you and you are keen to make a change, hiring a personal coach can make a dramatic difference. It could change your life.

As your coach, I am as committed to your future as you are. I am as driven, perhaps more so, to help you to find the answers that will steer you onto the path that makes you feel complete.

I am based in Gloucestershire, United Kingdom. I prefer face to face communication but am happy to arrange phone or Skype consultations for anyone out of my area or in another country.

To see if we can work together, please email me at to arrange a FREE thirty minute consultation.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

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