Provide Value

Eric Morecombe provided great value

Eric Morecambe provided great value

Experts say that you need to provide value in order for people to be drawn to you online. Seriously, I never got that. What value? What did it look like? How could I get it and how do I give it? I never knew what they were talking about. They winked when they said it, like some shady psychic who tells you about the lottery win or the tall, dark handsome stranger coming into your life.

I am far from dim but I couldn’t work it out. Then someone said to me that people wanted to see value on my wall. Eh? Do I post special offers from the supermarket, you know, saving people money?

Ha ha, I jest…… or do I?

Come on Jan do spill!

Oh alright then, I am going to share this  ‘secret‘ with you because I understand it now.  Yay!  Don’t I feel clever and not dancing around the room at all.

In our industry, the failure rate is dismal. People just don’t know how to ‘do it‘  Standing like deer in the headlights they watch the gurus, believing that they are elevated beings with the unattainable, magical gift to create cult like followers. But here it is, they are just like you…  they just know something that you don’t know yet, that’s all.

If I tell you this secret, will you must promise me, with hand on heart, that you will take this information and apply it?

So, here’s the thing. People want to know HOW to succeed in direct selling. They crave to know what to do, when and how to do it. So, if you share a formula with them then you are providing that magical, mystical thing called value, all without the use of fairy dust.

Help others in any way in this industry and you ARE providing value.

By the way, don’t use the excuse that you don’t have value to share. Spend the time learning how. That is how we all did it. Follow the elite marketers and model their moves. Providing value will not only help others but it will also transcend your own business.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …



outlineThere is a spectacularly high failure rate in the direct selling industry. The most common reason is that people give up too soon.

From my experience I have found one or more of the following happens:-

1.  A state of overwhelm once the initial excitement has worn off
2.  Failure to keep the lines of communication open
3.  Fear kicks in – of failure or success – I see both
4.  Negative mindset i.e “I can’t recruit”
5.  Failure to follow training
6.  Laziness
7. Procrastination
8.  Listening to naysayers
9. Jump into something ‘easier’ {It rarely is}
10. Rush off and do it their own way, failing to follow a trusted system

Are some of you nodding your heads and saying ‘yep, happened to me’

The personal attribute that I see most in successful people is rock solid determination. Determination will carry you beyond lack of experience. It will propel you into success and  fast. It becomes a tangible force to be reckoned with. No matter what happens or doesn’t happen you will not be phased, you will keep going. You will refuse to take a detour from your target.

To develop determination, you have to work out your ‘why‘ what motivated you to be a part of the industry? Financial freedom, recognition or lifestyle freedom? Whatever it is, you have to continually remind yourself of your ‘why‘.

When you are having doubts or going through any one of the ten negative responses, your ‘why’ can stop you running and anchor you back into the reality of taking action and staying consistent.

Be determined…

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

Facebook Friends

PM meOne of my team sent me this PM a few days ago

I get a couple of friend requests every day but they are all from **** and **** and obviously if they are in already I don’t want to spend my time just making small talk. I also have people message me and ask me to add them but I don’t. I figure if they want to friend me then they should just add me”

There are two issues here and I am going to address them both.

What is the point of connecting with people who are already in your business?
1. You can help grow your business by supporting each other. Contact them and suggest that you comment and like on each others posts. This raises interest in your business and gets people talking.
2. You never know what your next business is going to be. If you have made good relationships with the people in your current business then they are more likely to look at a business with you or indeed you with them. I joined two businesses with friends this year that are working very well for me. I recently joined another business with a new friend that I had built great rapport with. This business will be life changing for me, so I am grateful for that friendship.

Relationships are a two way process and each should provide value to the other.

3. You can learn from others. Everyone knows something that you do not know which may just make the difference to your success.

Why do we PM people before adding them?
You want to know if you are going to get along with someone before you become their friend.  I personally enjoy talking with engaging people, action takers, people with humour and that are capable of two-way conversation.
Let me give you an example:-

Me: Hi Joe, I looked at your profile and see that we are both in the same business.
Joe: Yeah
Me: How’s it going for you?
Joe: OK
Me: How long have you been doing it?
Joe: Can’t remember. Why you asking?

At this point, I am sticking pins in my eyes. I WOULD NOT add this person.

Let’s try another scenario
Me: Hi Gaynor, I looked at your profile and see that you have dogs. I love the photo today on your timeline
Gaynor: Hi Jan! Thanks. I love dogs and that is Goober. He is a total dope but I love him
Me: LOL I have one just like that, reminds me of Goofy the Disney character
Gaynor: Lol yes I can relate to that. Goober is always in trouble. I see you have dogs to. I love the spotty dog you have, she looks so pretty. {Shows she has taken the time to look at my timeline}
Me: Yes that’s Pepper. She is gorgeous. She came from Spain
Gaynor: You are in the UK right? {She is still checking me out}
Me: Yes
Gaynor: How lovely, we once came to the UK and visited Yorkshire where I have some friends
Me: Yorkshire is FAB. We seem to have a lot in common Gaynor, would you like to connect
Gaynor: Yes that would be great, I love to talk with like-minded people
Me: Brilliant. I am just off out now but will send you a request and speak later
Gaynor: I look forward to your posts Jan

Qualify your friends. Don’t just randomly add them. Create a relationship before you bring them into your life.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …

What do you think?

Thinking about it? One of the most damaging sentences you can ever ask a prospect is ‘What do you think’  Why? Because they will tell you. They will get all smart ass on you and tell you all the things that are wrong with your business or your products. You will hear responses like, ‘This is a scam, are you nuts?’ or ‘Not interested, it isn’t for me’ and probably lots of other negative responses.

After a few hundred times of this happening, I guarantee you will have lost your initial passion for your business and maybe even wondering if perhaps it is a scam and maybe it isn’t for you after all.

STOP!!!! Don’t go anywhere.

There is a way to overcome this and it is simple.

When you contact your prospect after directing them to a website or webinar, video or whatever, the first thing you ask is if they completed the task. Then ask them this….

“What did you like best?”

Then shut up. Worst case scenario is they say they didn’t like it at all but that would be a tiny percentage of difficult people who just want to be, well, difficult.  People will tell you what they liked. It may only be one or two things but they liked something.

By the way when you ask them to go look at something do not say ‘Have a look and let me know what you think‘  Just tell them you are excited about something and value their expertise and would like them to check it out.

There is much more to learn, but let’s go for  bite sized chunks and build up your knowledge day by day.

See you soon.

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …


Can’t Recruit

Worried about recruitingFailing to recruit is probably one the top reasons that people {have to} give up in network marketing.

For the next few days or so, I am going to provide my tips and experiences to help anyone that has trouble recruiting.

Be professional and confident. If you have done your due diligence and 100% believe in the opportunity/products/company then you have something valid to offer. You are potentially offering something that could change their lives for the better. Be proud of that..

If you are approaching a professional networker, appeal to their expertise.

‘Hi Jo, I have come across something that I think is really valuable but I would love to run it past you before I go all in. I don’t have the expertise that you have so If I sent you a link/video/whatever would you take a look at it for me?‘ or words to that effect.

If approaching a newbie, you must know what it is that they need. For many it is money, but try to qualify their needs before jumping in.

“Hey Jo, I remember last month you said that you were struggling for money and were unhappy in your job. How’s that going? {Unlikely to have changed} Listen, I am in a bit of a hurry now but I have come across something that made me think of you. It could be real helpful in changing your circumstances. If I send you a link/video/whatever would you take a look at it for me”

DON’T ELABORATE. If they ask ‘what is it then?’ {They will} Just say that you are in hurry and will speak to them after they have watched/read/whatever. NEVER SPILL THE BEANS. If you do tell all, I am 100% certain you are unlikely to get a sign up but likely to get smart ass comments about scams and pyramid schemes.

You ARE NOT trying to sell. NEVER try to sell. Provide a task for them and stay relaxed. Enthusiasm is great but people tend to be wary of over excitement cos they just know they are going to get sold.

I used to be so over excited and shove everything at a prospect straight off like a machine gun. I never qualified and I never recruited in YEARS. That is changing massively now

… Positive Mentoring by Jan …