What to look for in your potential sponsor

Don’t make the mistakes that I made for over 15 years. Learn to spot the signs of a good sponsor because it could mean the difference between success and failure

Jan’s Team Build

If you would like to get the chance to work with me whilst also learning how to get people into your current business, then watch the video and let’s talk.

Information Overload

When someone asks you for detals of your business opportunity, try and clarify what they are looking for. Are you interested in a little extra money, a six figure income, bonuses or cars. What would draw them to your business. Don’t be pulled into giving out too much information, even if they bug you. Give them a task. Send them to a video or webinar or give them a CD or DVD or whatever is used for your business promotion. Then arrange a time to talk with them again to see what they liked about it

How to gain more friends and followers on Facebook

Gathering a strong network of friends and followers can massively impact your business. It is a simple art. Follow and friend the leaders in the industry and engage in their posts. Like other peoples comments and make comments yourself. Then, as you gain these friends, like and comment on their posts as they appear in the newsfeed. This daily process has transformed my business  even though I only have around 600 friends so far. Do not be fooled into rushing to get 5000 friends. Choose wisely.

Honouring your feelings

Some days, you find it harder to be positive. What do you do? Swallow up your feelings and pretend that everything is OK? I personally believe that we need to honour our feelings, allowing them to be processed rather than pushed down where they will only surface again at a later date.


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